Efficient and cost effective use of the Cloud is inseparable from Devops.

Software development shops that use Devops to manage the processes and Cloud infrastructure are out performing their competition and delivering significantly higher value. At Percipience we specialise in helping other enterprises take advantage of the Cloud-Devops combination and we don’t start by introducing new technology.

The key to success is helping you and your staff think through the migration process while learning how to organize around Devops processes. This typically means starting by identifying your firm’s critical applications and then removing organizational layers, simplifying roles and building product or service oriented teams around these applications. We will help you create a plan that shows the gap between the skills you have right now and the skills you’ll need. Most IT organizations don’t think about people and processes as much as they do about technology and tools and, in the modern world, that is the road to certain failure.

Getting Devops Right:

  • Leadership – Committed leaders who “get it” are more important than new processes mandated from the top
  • Organization – Have the courage to dismantle  silos – get everyone driving to the same goal
  • Shared Success – Start simple, find early wins, build and sustain momentum
  • Approach – DevOps depends on Agile; get Agile right and DevOps success will follow
  • Culture – In the end, it’s all about culture and embracing change

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